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Our Team

Archivo [ɑːr ˈhi:voʊ] is a group of young fine art photographers working in the field of art and the professional photography industry.

We don't consider ourselves wedding photographers. Our love for documentary photography is inspired by the great Magnum photographers like Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa and Sebastiao Salgado. As a result, Archivo was established in 2015 with a very simple thing in mind; we would be focusing on pure, discreet and elegant documentary wedding photography.

We are based in Budapest but are available for weddings across Europe, as well as destination weddings overseas, with over ten years of experience in the international wedding scene.

Our Style

Authentic. True. Natural.

It’s all about telling stories honestly through pictures. Capturing life through the lens and taking images of truly authentic moments and deeply felt emotions is Archivo’s expertise. We never direct or influence the events of your Special Day. Our photographers are as unobtrusive as possible.

We photograph life — and life is never staged, so neither are our most precious memories. More often than not, they are accidental and unexpected, and as photographers, we merely acknowledge that. We document these moments and aspire to take pictures so real, so authentic that they allow you, or anyone, to relive those special moments. Our goal is the same at every wedding: serving the couple’s needs by capturing the true essence of the Special Day with all the love and joy – just as it was experienced by those who were there. 

An event of a Lifetime.